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Improving live video streaming!

Communicating in an effective manner is important in all fields today. It is impossible for a professional or a skilled labourer to work in total isolation, without relying on someone for assistance, guidance or supervision. Even a doctor at times requires emergency lessons from his mentor or from an expert living in another part of the world. Continue reading

Explore the Technology behind Video Streaming

The technology of video streaming has introduced numerous video producers to world audience. These techniques have shown us the inexpensive way of sharing our video works. Let’s have a deeper insight of this technology.


Routes and packets:

  • If you can’t figure out, how an Internet works, you are nowhere close to understanding the technology of video streaming solutions.
  • Internet is connecting multiple computers around the globe. Did you ever wonder, what makes it possible..? Big and powerful computers called packet servers broadcast the data in the form of distinct pockets to achieve this feat.
  • Every packet, traveling through the Internet has a potential to opt a different route. This distinct feature makes us to get the information with ease amidst of broken down links and heavy traffic. This makes us to download the web pages with ease.


  • Another interesting aspect in this context is the language employed by the computers to facilitate communication. It’s important to standardize this machine language effectively.
  • Hypertext transfer protocol is used to process the content in the web pages. On the other hand, video content streaming is carried out by the real time streaming protocol.
  • The above mentioned protocols play a dominant role in streaming the video content. Before you are plan to develop streaming video content, make sure to know the sharp differences between these protocols.


  • It is to be noted that the HTTP protocol is designed to deliver the web pages but not to serve the video streaming processes. On the other hand, RTSP makes use of a specialized steaming video server.
  • If HTTP protocol is used to deliver streaming video, here’s what happens: The video is downloaded as any other file. It starts playing only after downloading. The major drawback here is that, we have to wait until the video gets downloaded. This method is called as progressive streaming and it is relatively inexpensive than other methods.
  • Despite being inexpensive, the progressive streaming doesn’t demand for additional software programs to be installed and so the amateur videographers are attracted towards it.
  • Here comes the real thing:

    • Real streaming video requires specialized software and so it is popularly used by the people who have deeper pockets.
    • Apart from monitoring the actual streaming of the video, this server is also capable of adjusting the data rate. The user can skip a few portions of the video and can have the flexibility to jump to other parts of the video without actually downloading it.
    • You probably won’t purchase this server all by yourself. There are numerous companies out there, which are ready to space on their servers. A few companies can also rent you for free of cost hoping to generate revenue on the advertisements.

    Get prepared for the future:

      Many problems associated with video streaming can get disappeared as the high speed broadband cables are growing in numbers. Follow these tips, when you stream your video to the web page:

    • The length of the video should be short.
    • Prefer to maintain the video in low resolution.
    • And finally…. Compress… compress and compress.