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Use Remarkable Technology for Reaching the Masses in Cost-Effective Ways

With great exposure and expansions, many of the businesses of different sizes are facing the impact of webcasting through key events, meetings, and conveying messages. This is what technology can create to make the business reach its unexpected goals and possibilities for future prospects. There are many ways in which the live video streaming and on-demand videos are helpful in several ways- Continue reading

Few Tips for Anyone Who Wants To Live Stream

Online live video streaming is getting more and more famous by the day. Any big event that is shown on the TV in one particular country is shown to the rest of the world via live streaming on the internet through various sites, the most common one out of them all being YouTube.

Live video streaming needs a few basic requirements before anyone can get started on the transmission or the receiving part. First, you need a form of source medium like a video camera or screen capture software, second you need an encoder to digitize the matter, thirdly a media publisher, and finally a network to give out and deliver the content.


So if you are planning on live streaming anything for people on the internet, then here are a few tips for you.

  • There are multiple ways: One thing you must know about these things is that there is more than one way of live streaming your event, so you will never be out of options if one method does not work out. And with the present technology, and the encoding and transmission options, you can just about live stream from anywhere.
  • Use a video switcher: What this means if that you should switch the angle of your video from time to time so that you get a dynamic end result, and in order to do this, you are going to need multiple cameras. I am not saying that you have to go all out and buy ten different cameras, but even if you use two that will be enough to make a difference.
  • How many streams to encode and dispense: Live would have been so much easier for live streamers if there were one common format and bit rate to encode and give out. Right now, you need to know that your live stream has to reach multiple users with different screen sizes and different internet speeds. So, you can either program at a single high bit rate stream or create multiple streams on-site, but this would require expensive encoders and a lot of bandwidths.

    So, hoping that this blog has made the concept of live streaming clear; still you must never forget these tips while dealing with it.