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5 mistakes not to make when recording a lecture!

Universities are expanding rapidly in the last few years. Whether the organisation is small or large, online lecture streaming and lecture capturing is quite common. People are using online mediums to teach about various topics and otherwise also universities keep lectures recorded for archive purposes. In simple words, lecture capturing is currently a trend with every educational organisation but there are some mistakes you can end up making.


Here are 5 mistakes made when recording lectures and how to avoid them: –

  1. Don’t dress too much – When appearing in front of camera, make sure you don’t let your clothes make a strong impact on the lecture. You cannot dress up in bright bold colours and too much makeup. Video recording lectures is a simple task if you keep it basic. We suggest wearing a simple white shirt or black top and denims or a colour that is easy on the eyes. Try avoiding too many jewellery pieces.
  2. Adjust the camera properly – Staying in frame throughout and not getting awkward will take your classroom lecture from a 10 to a 100. Make sure you are in focus at all times and have the same lighting throughout the video. Lighting changes can be a little disturbing! Take professional help if you have no idea how to adjust the camera plus settings.
  3. Check the sound – Try avoiding echo, sound disturbance and go for a wireless microphone. When you invest in the right lecture recording devices, you will get the sound right too. Make sure your phone is on silent and there isn’t too much noise around of the road. Shut the windows and stand close to the camera. If your sound system is not good at the moment, you can always add voiceover clips later to the lecture.
  4. Prepare in advance – Many teachers do not prepare for lectures often but when you record it, you can only do it once at that moment. Make sure everything is prepared in hand so you don’t have to redo the entire recording process. Ask for help so that you can read from a board when explaining important points. You can also make use of the chalkboard and the white board.
  5. Be smart about it – Last but not the least, be smart about recording the classroom lectures. By this we mean following all the above steps and going further. If your camera doesn’t focus, get extra lenses to make it work. If you want it to stream live quickly, you can find top notch devices for the same. Spend a little to put out good work for your students and learners. You can also find microphones that are connected through the Bluetooth and you don’t have to hold then at all. You can pin it to your shirt and start talking. This will help in avoiding any kind of wiring issues in midst of the lecture.

These 5 steps can help you undo the mistakes you have been making whilst recording classroom lectures. If you are an amateur at this, you can surely stick to these tips to put out great videos.