Cerevo LiveShell.PRO

Small live Broadcasting device for professionals

The LiveShell PRO is a high-end wireless video streamer. Video and audio is encoded in h.264 and AAC at 720p resolution and up to 10 mbps bit rate. The replaceable, rechargeable battery allows you to broadcast from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Product Description

  • Small live broadcasting device for professionals that delivers HD Broadcasting without the need of a computer.
  • Your camera can go live by connecting only one cable.
  • Connected to a compact camera, it allows stable 24/7 live broadcasting.

HD Live with H.264
feature-hd-proUsing the latest video and audio compression technology, LiveShell PRO offers high quality live broadcasting encoded in H.264+AAC, with a resolution of 720p and a bitrate of up to 10 mbps. H.264 high, main and baseline profiles are supported. With LiveShell PRO it becomes easier to reach your audience as broadcasting can now be done on iOS devices and well as Android devices and PCs.

High quality live video broadcasting

Connecting via HDMI allows for up to 720p resolution video resulting in beautiful high quality videos.

Easy to operate on computers, tablets and smartphones
Control LiveShell PRO remotely via its web application “Dashboard”. With Dashboard, volume adjustments, captions, video quality adjustments and more can be done on the fly without having to stop broadcasting. Dashboard is web based so requires no installation and works not only with your computer but also with your Android or iOS devices too.

Automatic broadcast management

By default LiveShell PRO automatically adjusts the stream frame rate and image quality. User controlled options are also available for advanced users.

Live aspect ratio changes

You can adjust the aspect ratio of the broadcast video to suit your needs. This feature is available for both 4:3 and 16:9 cameras.

Live captions

Enable captions using your computer, tablet or smartphone via LiveShell PRO’s Dashboard. Enter the captions and see them displayed live. The captions size, color, background color, position and other settings can be changed via Dashboard. You can also upload your own image and have it displayed instead of your captions.

Multiple inputs
LiveShell PRO works perfectly with cameras that have HDMI or composite out. Up to 3 different audio inputs are available: one stereo microphone input for computer microphones, one line input terminal that can be used with a line level input and one HDMI audio input for the camera’s microphone.

Built-in mixer

The 3 different audio inputs can be individually controlled and mixed by LiveShell PRO before being broadcast. Simple audio mixes such as BGM playing while you add a vocal input via a microphone can be done without needing additional devices.

Monitor output and integrated peak meter

Using the integrated audio/video output LiveShell PRO can be connected to a television in order to do audio/video tests before broadcasting. If a TV is unavailable you can also do your audio/video tests with the help of the integrated LCD screen’s peak meter.

Supports multiple broadcasting services and RTMP servers
Streaming services such as Ustream, YouTube Live, Akamai and Limelight are supported. When using Ustream you can use “Dashboard” to turn on or off the server side recording. You can also do live streams through your own server, if your server supports RTMP broadcasting. LiveShell has been tested to work on AdobeMediaServer, Wowza and Red5 servers.
*LiveShell and LiveShell PRO does not support New Livestream(new.livestream.com).

Replaceable rechargeable battery
As a device aimed towards professional users, having a rechargeable, replaceable battery is an essential feature. The Liveshell PRO has an easy to remove, rechargeable LI-ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of broadcasting time. For live broadcasts longer than 3 hours, extra batteries are available to purchase from the Cerevo store.

Peace of mind and security

Thanks to feedback from our LiveShell users we have added some simple yet useful features to the Liveshell PRO for peace of mind and security when broadcasting.

Automatically resume broadcasting when connected via the AC Adapter

You can set LiveShell PRO to automatically start broadcasting when connected to an AC adapter. If a power outage occurs, LiveShell PRO will be able to resume broadcasting once the power restored.

Resume broadcasting when the connection is lost

If you are broadcasting in an area with an unreliable internet connection LiveShell PRO has an automatic broadcast recovery system. If the Internet connection is lost for a short period of time, LiveShell PRO will wait until the connection is reestablished and automatically resume broadcasting.

Prevent your HDMI cable from disconnecting

With LiveShell PRO you can use a screw lockable HDMI cable instead of a regular HDMI cable to prevent the cable from accidentally disconnecting while broadcasting.

Button locking function

The LiveShell Pro features a button locking function to prevent accidental unit button presses effecting your broadcast. The lock function can be turned ON or OFF via Dashboard.


  • High quality video streaming at an affordable price
  • Maximum resolution of 720p
  • H.264+AAC video and audio encoding
  • 4:3 or 16:9 video ratio
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • HDMI or composite video input
  • AC or battery power
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 3 hour battery life

  • LiveShell Product Comparison table

    LiveShell LiveShell.2 LiveShell.PRO
    Broadcasting Video Spec. 480p/576p (704×528/4CIF) 720p (1280×720) 720p (1280×720)
    Broadcasting Audio Spec. ADPCM / PCM AAC-LC / PCM AAC-LC / PCM
    Monitor Output No No Yes
    Video Input Connection HDMI (up to 1080i)
    composite (NTSC/PAL)
    HDMI (up to 1080i) HDMI (up to 1080i)
    composite (NTSC/PAL)
    Audio Input Connection HDMI / Stereo Microphone in / Stereo line In HDMI HDMI / Stereo Microphone in / Stereo line In
    Battery 3 x AA batteries Li-po battery Li-po battery
    Size 120x68x26 mm 78x113x25 mm 123x90x26 mm
    Weight 108g 150g 300g

    *The charging device must supply greater than 1.6A current for the LiveShell 2 to charge. Use of a mobile USB battery charger is not covered by the LiveShell 2 warranty.

    No Computer Needed High Quality Broadcasting

    Compact and mobile, LiveShell PRO gives you long hours of HD live broadcasting without the need for a computer. Broadcasting couldn’t get any easier.


    Encoding H.264/AAC at up to 720p resolution and 10 mbps bitrate, LiveShell PRO offers class leading broadcasting quality in a compact form factor for your computer or Android and iOS devices.

    Multiple Devices Supported Secure

    Accessible through smart phones, tables or PC’s, the “Dashboard” control panel makes the LiveShell easy for anyone to use. Experienced users will also find that advanced options are easily accessible.


    LiveShell PRO can be used with a secure locking HDMI cable, to prevent accidental disconnections when in use. It also features a button lock function and an auto connection resume feature for added security.



Network connection function Wired LAN(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) / Wireless LAN(IEEE802.11 b, g, n)
Video input terminal HDMI (up to 1080i) *1, composite (NTSC/PAL)
Audio input terminal HDMI-IN / Stereo microphone in / Stereo line IN
Video / Audio Output Supported by breakout cable(sold separately) from specified terminal
video spec
Horizontal resolution 720p(Freely configurable)
Live encoding H.264(High/Main/Baseline profile)
Bitrate 10Mbps(Max)
audio spec
Live encoding AAC-LC
Bitrate 256Kbps(Max)
Support protocol RTMP client / RTSP server mode
API Level Integration Ustream, Yotube Live, Niconico
Officially supported(specify
RTMP URL manually)
Stickam, Akamai, LimeLight
Others(specify RTMP URL
StreamHoster, iviplanet, ScaleEngine, EdgeCast, CloudFlare, CDN77.net *3
Power Supply AC adapter or internal battery (replaceable, externally rechargeable)
Power consumption 7.5W(5V 1.5A)
Operating time 3 hours battery life *2
Accessories AC adapter, HDMI cable (HDMI to mini-HDMI) and set-up cable
Size 123mm×90mm×26mm
Weight 300g (excluding battery) 350g (including battery) *LiveShell PRO is shipped with 1 battery and 1 slim USB WiFi adapter.


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