Work and collaborate virtually

With a widespread of company branches all around the world, it is not easy to meet up different workers for conferences. Matrox Monarch HD and HDX are your easy collaboration solutions as they let you communicate without any disturbances. You will not just have the flexibility to get the best video collaboration solutions but also tons of other services like: –


  1. Virtual Meetings – Gone are the days when you used internet applications with low video quality to talk to CEOs and big clients. Now with the help of Matrox Monarch devices, you can now have a live meeting with one of your most potential clients anytime. The video and sound are some things you need not worry about when you use these appliances.
  2. Online Conferences – If you want to quickly have a meeting or a big conference call with the other managers in a far-away branch, you can do this swiftly with the help of the Matrox Monarch devices. All you have to do is attach this device to the camera or TV set, and you are good to go. Online meeting collaboration is extremely popular with big companies and small scale companies should opt for this method too. Quick communication that saves time and funds too.
  3. CMS Integration – Content management system integration enables you to post content on multiple platforms. If you want to live stream a company event on YouTube, you require the Matrox Monarch for this act. It will speed up your content management and make your job ten times easier. You will be able to put out the best quality videos and sounds. Plus, you can record videos for quite a long while and stream them simultaneously! Who doesn’t want such an incredible system?

If you want to up your tech game, then include the Matrox Monarch devices as an integral part of your work.