The digital future of healthcare!

Various reasons call for a medical camera. These days through a handy device like Matrox Monarch HD or Matrox Monarch HDX, you can enable distance medicine, medical education, live stream operational procedures, and consult patients during urgency.


  1. Telemedicine – In simple terms, telemedicine is telecommunication through which you can provide medical information from a distance. This makes communication between a patient and doctor easy. You can also use a medical video recorder like Matrox Monarch to show an entire procedure easily. Not just that but live surgery videos are helping medical interns in learning better.
  2. Right from the operating room – Since the Matrox Monarch is a small device; it can be easily placed in the operating room to live stream operations or surgeries, which are rarely done. Most hospitals record major surgical procedures so that they go down in history.
  3. Distance medicine – You can actually capture high-quality ultrasound footage through this little appliance. This device can be a major connection between two doctors to discuss a unique patient case. They can share information and scans of a patient through the live streaming option.
  4. Lab uses – Doctors need a clear view of what is inside the patient’s body, and the Matrox Monarch is designed in a way that it provides an immensely impressive video quality of everything recorded on it. You will be astonished to see the clarity in ultrasound or any other reports. Doctors can capture reports too so that they can view it on their computer in the best quality ever. The Matrox Monarch enables them to do this, which is why it is highly used in several hospitals.

Besides all these reasons, there are various other needs for a great encoding device that medical institutes require. So, there is no reason any medical institute shouldn’t have the Matrox Monarch devices. They are quick, helpful and easy to use!