Changing Old Trends of Classes

Since the time immemorial, studies and hefty lectures were not always the favorite part of the student’s life because if missed, they used to take a toll on their grades. Therefore, matching the latest technology and trends, what universities brought was lecture recording where the lectures were recorded and preserved so that they can be accessed anytime, anywhere by anyone either he was a full time student or graduating from the correspondence. In fact, if due to any reason the student missed the class, then they could study the lesson by just watching the video, making the moment of lecture relive.

Well, moving away from a student’s perspective, the lecture recording is even beneficial for the quality check of studies at colleges and universities, where the recorded lectures play a sample for the teachers’ teaching techniques and quality deliverance.

So, all-in-all, this technique is of utmost importance; hence, it should be the best, and it is only possible if you have everything readily perfect for recording. But, in the reality, it is not so as technology comes with challenges, so is the lecture video recording. Let us have a brief view. 

How are the recording lectures beneficial?

Well, before we dig deep down into the concept as what the hurdles faced during the lecture capture are, let us first see how beneficial it is. Let us quickly recall it in one-liners.

recording lectures benefit

  • Ideal for correspondence learning, lecture capture is an innovative technology opening the doors of distant learning possibilities.
  • With the lecture capture solutions, revising and catching up the past missed lectures are very easy. It is far interactive than those notes, which are sometimes even monotonous to read.
  • The lecture capture provides a great perspective of support and value-added learning, which are the ultimate goals of the education industry. These solutions make things available in whatever language as possible.
  • The captured lectures are a great way of discussing the things in class, making an interactive environment. Sometimes, it is even importance compliance in quality teaching as the lecturers are being watched.

What problems are being faced while recording lectures?

Now, as we have discussed the importance, here come the problems being faced during the lecture capture. These problems can degrade the captured quality; hence, amendments needed.

lecture recording problem

  • Lecture capture is a dynamic way of recording the activities in a classroom, but due to bite-sized tutorials, memory requirement, etc., it is sometimes degraded.
  • The other major problem faced is that camera and computer signals cannot be processed independently. Two files cannot be played simultaneously.
  • The lecture capture is a dynamic recording; hence, the problems of skips and shuttering are quite commonly seen. The cause, which can be behind this, is wrong selection over encoders.
  • In the lecture capture solutions, the capturing tools are of utmost importance and selecting them wrongly can lead to cancelling of recording in the midst, or prematurely stopping.
  • The problems of video detection are also seen as the major problem among the others and the reason can be the playback software used.
  • Well, with the above technical problems, there are some other problems such as the staff being too conscious during the lecture-capture as their teaching skills might get questioned.

So, with these problems lined up, there can be problems seen, but here is one solution to all technical issues, which is Matrox Monarch LCS, a lecture capture appliance, which sincerely overcomes the problems, delivering the great quality for recorded video without breaking your budget.

The Ultimate Savior: Matrox Monarch LCS

With every problem, comes the solution and for all the lecture capture problems, there is only one solution which is Matrox Monarch LCS. This is a device, which can be relied upon while capturing the lectures for future use. It plays an ultimate compliance for video management system (VMS) no matter whether it is Lecture Management System (LMS) by delivering a great quality of recorded video for live streaming and presentations. The other advantages associated with the Monarch LCS are-

matrox lcs

  • It has various modes of operation: Handling a complex mode of recording is never a kid’s play, and hence, even a professional ends up having issues in the output. Therefore, denying all the quality clichés, the Monarch LCS comes up with simple steps of video recording and modes, including the picture-in-picture, side-by-side mode, switch mode, and much more.


  • The layouts are viewer defined: While presentation, the control is in the hand of the presenter as to how he or she can modulate the presentation by adding engaging interaction. The same is with the Monarch LCS, which provides the controls in users’ hand controlling the viewership. Here, you can choose the layout according to the viewers’ liking with perfectly synced video and audio.


  • The Monarch has simple integration: While deciding to use the Monarch LCS, the integration problem can be faced due to the difference in technologies, which you use. But it is actually not with Monarch as it is easy to integrate with the different environment with software like OpenCast VMS and Moodle LMS.
  • The quality is never compromised with the software: It is never amusing to see the videos with quality clichés, but here with Monarch LCS, you can access the encoding across the two H.264 encoding channels of up to 20Mb/s. This result in good quality recorded videos, noise reduction, increased scaling, etc.


  • The operation is easy and simple: Being an amateur in video recording was earlier an issue, but not now as Monarch LCS makes you a pro with its easy handling and operations. It has its own command center through which it can be configured using a browser even.
  • Choose your inputs with this appliance: With Monarch LCS, the user (you) can even choose your inputs like either SDI and HDMI or HDMI and HDMI. Hence, choose according to the best input solutions you have.
  • It gives input synchronization: As you have the option of choosing your input solutions, the synchronization becomes a great issue. Here also, the Monarch comes as a savior with synchronization options between the audios and videos.
  • It has an option of live preview option: As you record the video, then there is certainly the need to preview it for the quality check. Well, this feature is also embedded in the appliance as it gives a side-by-side preview of the production.


  • Managing the device remotely is possible with Monarch LCS: The Monarch LCS also allows the remote handling where a user can find all the LCS devices installed around in the network.
  • It is also controlled with Crestron: The functionality into the classroom can also be managed and controlled using the Crestron where the registered user can download the SIMPL module and use it.
  • The design is practical and highly robust: Last but not the least, the Monarch LCS also qualifies in design with robustness. It has simple hardware layout with touch buttons to start the lecture capture. It also has a locking power connector, 1RU tray, etc. on back to simplify the use.

Endowed with these features, Monarch LCS is certainly a revolutionary product, which has made the lecture recording process both simpler and cost effective.