Increase your security!

Who doesn’t want high security at their workplace? Whether you want to record any high-resolution output or capture a particular view of the campus, you can find all the security solutions here. Safety is a must, and if you don’t have high-quality video surveillance systems, then you are not doing anything good! Get the Matrox Monarch devices to improve your security systems from level 1 to 100! Other than making safeguarding you and your surroundings, these appliances are a great fit in the control rooms.

control room

  1. Monitoring and Control – With the ease of remote monitoring and control system provided by this device, you can now get data from various locations. You can keep a check on what is happening in every corner of the building along with high-quality video facility. Who wouldn’t want such a handy device that has a variety of impeccable facilities?
  2. Recording and Streaming – Did you know that you can quickly record and stream video wall and also control room displays with the help of Matrox Monarch appliances? Live streaming multiple sources is never a hassle-free job but guess what? With the Matrox Monarch devices, you can actually make it happen. So, now use one device for various encoding purposes!
  3. Digital video surveillance – A digital video recording surveillance system is a key factor for security reasons. With the help of Matrox Monarch equipment, you can receive high-quality HD picture with crisp sound of all the video footage in your area. You don’t need to make several adjustments to get the work right, just attach this appliance to the camera and your work is done.
  4. Command and control – Besides providing so many security and control services, you can also record ATC radar screens with this little device.

Go ahead and use the Matrox Monarch devices for high security in your area.