Go digital with legal work!

The world thrives on the internet, and whenever we get access to something incredible, we don’t stay behind to grab it. With the help of Matrox Monarch devices, you can now capture videos and stream them for online streaming legal work and various other legal needs where truth, availability and recording of information plays a critical role. This high-tech recording and legal video streaming device can save a lot of data for future references for special cases.

  1. Courtroom action – If a witness fails to make it for the hearing, then you can use the live streaming function to ask questions and hear proper answers. The Matrox Monarch devices provide high-quality video and sound plus the video streaming legal speed is quite quick. You can probably capture every expression of the witnesses through this sturdy and small equipment. This appliance is compatible with the Wowza live streaming channels, which is rather handy for your use.legal-basics-digital-millennium-copyright
  2. Evidence reasons – For every case, you need strong evidence to prove things. With the support of Matrox Monarch devices, you can stream the evidence you have recorded. You can also magnify every clip properly as the appliance records high-quality content only.
  3. Collect evidence – Other than showing off the evidence, you can collect it too. For legal purposes, you need clear pictures of the proof you collect during a certain case.
  4. Presentation – Last but not the least, you can present all the work you have so far with the help of the Matrox Monarch devices. You can jot down all the evidence, proof and presentation for a legal meeting or hearing. You can easily edit the clips and present it in the best video quality ever! This flexibility will make your legal case stronger.

So, make use of the Matrox Monarch devices to achieve the highest quality of picture and sound.