Get a live event just right!

Going through a live event can be extremely challenging, and you have to pull everything off by yourself. Live event streaming can be quite a difficult job, but if you have the right device, you can work your way through it. The Matrox Monarch HD and the Matrox HDX are designed to make your live streaming videos work swift and flexible. The Matrox Monarch products are made for special conferences, sporting events and entertainment, product demos, and digital signage. Our findings offer insight on how you can use these devices for all these purposes…
Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

  1. Conferences – When you want to live stream a video, you need to make sure your set up is completely accurate. The companies often have meetings live and with the help of the Matrox Monarch devices, you can actually achieve the highest quality of video and sound. You don’t want hassles or disturbance in the picture when you are in the process of video live streaming. The multifunctional device makes things easier!
  2. Sporting Events and Entertainment – Football matches, basketball games, big award functions, etc. are always broadcasted live. You cannot really record a football match and put it out later for the audiences. This single system can put out live events on two different channels at high speed. Who doesn’t want to watch something live without any interruptions?
  3. Product Demos – When you want to not only put out content but also add production skills to it, you need these appliances. It is a cake walk to operate these devices and work on editing when using these master devices.
  4. Digital Signage – Matrox Monarch streaming and recording devices work great with any receivers as they give the encoded streams of your footage and sound for the redistribution to the output monitors.

All in all, you will be able to make a lot of use of these two devices when it comes to live streaming for different purposes.