Communicate better with your teams!

At your workspace, when you handle training, meetings and demonstrations for your employees, you need something to capture HD videos in the best sound effects. With the use of Matrox Monarch devices, you can stream live your training sessions, communicate with your team and do product demonstrations and also record videos for storage.

  1. Product demos and promotional videos: – If the trainees need to learn how to operate encoders, then using the Matrox Monarch device is the best as it is one of the easiest machines to operate. Since they will be using this in the future for company work, you must show training procedures via this device only.
  2. Live demonstrations – Want to talk to another branch and their team regarding products? Well, your work is now easy with the Matrox Monarch appliances. Simply connect it to the communication device and start the live broadcasting work.
  3. Corporate meetings – You can hold an entire meeting with various branches through this small device. Just live stream and connect everyone to the channel to talk to them easily. The high video quality and clear sound will make a good impact on your performance during the conference or meeting.20150408131026-correcting-leadership-communication-mishaps-co-workers-talking-workplace
  4. Online training – Sometimes, some employees might not make it to the training session, or you might have to train employees at a different location. Instead of flying, you can just sit in your own office and train them through these incredible masterpieces – The Matrox Monarch products.
  5. Social media content – It is essential for a company to upload their social media pages with high-quality work. This wonder device makes your job flexible in the right way!
  6. Web meeting – Want to set up an urgent meeting quickly through a webcam? Well, use the Matrox Monarch device for a clear picture.

These demonstrate why the Matrox Monarch appliances are marvellous for corporate work.