Capture industrial work at high quality!

From medical uses to teaching to business, the Matrox Monarch is a favourite for recording and streaming purposes. You can now use this appliance for recording and capturing industrial work and keeping a check on employees and workers too. The dual encoding system is a saviour for those, who have issues getting clear and high-quality data of industrial spaces. There is more in store for you if you start using the Matrox Monarch device.

  1. Production control and quality – With the help of this device, you can install it at your industrial workspace to capture all the work in process and also little details. If you want to show how the industry functions, then you can record high-quality content for backup reasons. Other than this, you can live stream content side by side for teaching purposes. Tons of factories and industrial spaces these days have off-site informative, educational lectures for students. Matrox Monarch HD and HDX can support you in achieving top-notch picture perfect frames and clear sound. You will be astonished to see how marvellous this device is!
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  3. Control room display – Do you want to keep a tab of what is happening on every floor on the manufacturing site? You can now use Matrox Monarch appliances in the control rooms to catch every tiny detail of each floor. You can store this data and constantly record new content without any troubles or hassles. This little device will help you in upgrading and making your security systems stronger. You will be able to see a clear view of what is going on as they stream at a high speed. You can use the data to view on your computer device too.

You can now utilise the Matrox Monarch device at your industrial space for several reasons.