Industry Solutions

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

Get a Live Event just right!

Going through a live event can be extremely challenging, and you have to pull everything off by yourself.

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Changing Old Trends of Classes

Since the time immemorial, studies and hefty lectures were not always the favorite part of the student’s life because if missed, they used to take a toll on their grades.

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The Digital Future of Healthcare!

Various reasons call for a medical camera. These days through a handy device like Matrox Monarch HD or Matrox Monarch HDX

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Work and Collaborate Virtually

With a widespread of company branches all around the world, it is not easy to meet up different workers for conferences.

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Increase your Security!

Whether you want to record any high-resolution output or capture a particular view of the campus, you can find all the security solutions here.

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Go Digital with Legal Work!

The world thrives on the internet, and whenever we get access to something incredible, we don’t stay behind to grab it.

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Capture Industrial Work at High Quality!

From medical uses to teaching to business, the Matrox Monarch is a favourite for recording and streaming purposes.

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Communicate Better with your Teams!

With the use of Matrox Monarch devices, you can stream live your training sessions, communicate with your team.

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