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Streaming Tech Integrated into Learning Valley Presentations 2Go

Matrox Monarch LCS, HDX, and HD Certified For Use with Presentations 2Go Open Video Platform

Montreal (November 3, 2016): Matrox® today announced that Learning Valley BV, a leading European manufacturer of PRO-AV streaming media technologies, has integrated Matrox Monarch API controls into their newly released Presentations 2Go open lecture capture and distribution software. Offering full management options for Matrox Monarch LCS, HDX & HD streaming and recording appliances, Presentations 2Go is an affordable and easy to use tool for managing the capture and streaming of materials from classrooms and labs.

“With our newly released Open Video Platform, Presentations 2Go offers an affordable and easy to operate lecture management and distribution platform,” said Herman Nevens, sales director, Presentations 2Go. “We’re pleased to announce support for Matrox Monarch products, making lecture capture even more flexible and less expensive.”

Once configured, multiple hardware recorders can be operated and scheduled via the Presentations 2Go open video server. Out-of-the-box integration of certified recorders, such as Matrox Monarch LCS, HDX, and HD, is supported by Presentations 2Go with automatic ingest and publishing of multi-source videos from lectures.

“Education is meant to be a collaborative process, and we’re excited that Monarch products and the powerful Presentations 2Go software suite work together to deliver lecture capture to as many classrooms as possible,” said Donald Sievewright, European sales director, Matrox video products. “Monarch products fit seamlessly into educational environments allowing video capture of the instructor from a camera and/or the presentation material from a computer, followed by easy distribution to students.”

Presentations 2Go
The Presentations 2Go open video platform is a comprehensive solution for recording multi-source video presentations, management of content, metadata, and multi-platform streaming. Capable of streaming videos to any device campus or worldwide, Presentations 2Go supports live streaming and automatic publishing of multi-source videos from presentations, lectures, and training that are captured by Presentations 2Go capture solutions or certified third-party hardware recorders. Built on the Unified Streaming Platform, Presentations 2Go offers the best possible viewing experience up to 4k using adaptive bitrate streaming technology with support for all industry standard delivery formats including MPEG DASH.

Monarch Streaming and Recording Appliances
The Matrox Monarch product line features user-friendly content-capture appliances that accept video from SDI or HDMI sources. Generating H.264-encoded video streams at bitrates from 200 Kbps to 30 Mbps, Monarch’s powerful scaling, deinterlacing, and noise-reduction engines ensure only pristine images are sent to the internal encoders. For streaming purposes, the encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocol to deliver live streams to local or cloud-based media servers. In recording applications, the encoders write MP4 or MOV files to local USB drives, SD cards, or network-mapped drives for post-event editing or archiving.

How to Engage Students in Class Through Video Recording?

Back to back classes and prolonged lectures not only strain your mind but also stress your hand as well. As you need to pen down the topic thoroughly in your notebooks. Obliviously at some point, you will feel like giving up. But thanks to the teachers who have fathomed your stress by heart. In addition, they put forward a permanent solution to your problem. According to that, your teacher suggested to get a video recording system to capture the lecture.

For the convenience of the students, the professor creates an outline for recording the lecture.

Include some selective lessons: An experienced lecturer knows well about how to influence the students to take on the lectures. Precisely, she uses the robust option, which gives the best lecture capture solution to record. Initially, she selects only a few topics which are itself quite interesting. Thereafter the teacher prepares the flowchart that she or he follows and primarily records the concepts. Now this will help students get a deeper idea on the relevant subjects.

Masters on the technology used: Now for using the technology, you need to be a bit tech savvy and make a congenial selection. For that get familiar with few advanced video recording tools that are easily noticeable in the market. Do not waste time after any technology that takes most of your time to understand. Instead, simply get the one, which is plain and easy. In addition, get one, which automatically detects the computer screen.

Keep a check on the time limit: Sometimes it happens that you select an elaborate topic and the narrations are too long to track. It simply makes you get the dull reaction from your students, as they tend to lose the interest of the subject. Not only has that, it impedes your lecture as well. That is why, while lecturing just be sure that you choose the time something stretching between ten to fifteen minutes.

How to live your videos?

For those who are a beginner and using this method for the first time, need to nail on some steps:

First, you pen down a script that should have the detailed note on the topic you select to lecture for your students. Now this will augment your self-assurance that you can actually deliver a good speech without any unnecessary period. Once you master the use of the upgraded video recording tools you will learn that there are options, which will direct you writing scripts and recording that simultaneously.

Next, you should also learn the art of implicating the caption. This section is logical for those who are unable to speak and hear. In order to add the caption just use the scripting tool then use it as the caption file. Once you are done, you will be able to upload your video. Try to add a synopsis and an end line. Also, make sure that you should use a high-end quality microphone and superb lighting.

Just remember that these are the basic things that you should remember prior putting up your videos with the help of the lecture video recorder.

5 Reasons why online learning beats classrooms

Is online learning better than the classrooms? This question has been one of the most discussed topics among experts. Many teachers doubt that a student can learn as much from a screen as a live teacher in a classroom. They say that due to the online educational courses, it has become easier to inflate grades without ensuring if learning is actually taking place. Some also believe that this form of education affects communication skills of the students.

However, there are teachers out there who make use of an online lecture recorder and provide quality education courses online. Teachers who promote online learning are creating a great difference in the life of those students who can’t afford higher education.

The fact is- we will need to solve this debate and come to a conclusion, because ready or not, online learning platforms are taking place of the classrooms. In the current scenario, the students are enrolling for both online and classroom courses. When asked to compare both venues, most of them prefer online courses.


Here are 5 reasons why online learning beats classrooms.

  1. Students are Screenagers today: Today, students are digital natives. A computer screen is their natural habitat. They find their comfort in front of a screen rather than confronting someone face-to-face. That comfort creates a better learning environment for them.
  2. Students decide the pace of learning: The biggest reason why students give preference to online learning is the flexibility of the learning pace. Here students can decide how fast or slow they want to go with a particular course without being pressurized by the teachers. They can work on the same lecture for several days if they don’t understand it well. These properties have made‘learning’ a fun task just like a social media surfing.
  3. Great learning method for shy students: According to one survey, it has found that a shy or introvert student is more comfortable during a digital discussion rather than speaking in front of the whole class where he or she gets intimidated.
  4. Less Expensive than traditional educational institutes: Online learning is much less expensive than regular classroom spaces. All that a teacher needs are a website and the best lecture recorder to start his own online institution. Hence, students get quality education,knowledge, and skills without spending a ton of cash.
  5. No seat limitations: Limited seats are the biggest problem that students and colleges face. Students either don’t get the desired college or they compromise on the subject that interest them. Online learning is emerging as a flexible pathway for all those students who don’t want to leave their favourite subjects.

Also, the current model of education system doesn’t benefit working class people at all. Long distance courses don’t deliver quality notes or lectures. What is the solution?

Online learning platforms can help working class people with their further education. In addition, it provides flexible timings, which is a kind of set-up working class students crave for.

Finally, time will tell whether the online learning platforms prove to be better than classrooms or not. But this technology is not going anywhere. For sure!!

Why students find digital audio recorders to be quite convenient?

Students these days have become much smarter and have been taking full advantage of the different types of gadgets and gizmos that are being introduced in the market. There have emerged digital audio recorders which have proved to be just wonderful for the students. They are considered to be cool little devices for the purpose of capturing audio which can be played back or listened to immediately.


A boon for students

Since students nowadays, lead a busy life and hectic schedule having to cope up with their vast syllabus, they are forced to look for ways and means to lessen their efforts and to make the most from the devices that are available in the market like the recorder for class lecture. It allows the students to listen to the lectures given by their professors back at the college or the tuitions and to make good use of them for the purpose of preparing for their exams. Moreover, the recorders can prove to be a great tool for those who have missed their classes, but would like to hear the voice of their favorite professors giving lectures of specific important topics. Their friends possessing the recorder can help with the recording sessions and have the recorder played back later at home or just about anywhere.

Why the best device to record lectures is getting popular globally

There are indeed various reasons cited for the growing popularity of the recording devices in the current market.

  • Portability: They are compact in size and can easily fit the pocket, briefcase or the handbag, thereby making them transportable. Also, they are quite inconspicuous at the time of recording. However, they have the capability to record audio even from a greater distance. In this manner, the users are likely not required to be in front of the professor for recording the lecture. Some of the excellent models tend to include characteristics which boost the gain, thereby enabling to gather good quality recording that can be played back later. Hence, they have been fitted with the right components, with which the sound recorded is not hazy or distorted, but clear and crisp.
  • Pitch modulation: The branded digital audio recorders generally come with the option to slow down or speed up the audio that is exclusive of pitch modifying. It is likely to assist, in case the device has a passage of the tune played back, if the user is interested to learn music. The verse could be slowed down, to ensure that the notes could be heard properly. However, the pitch does stay precisely the same. Hence, the musical instrument’s tuning stays unaffected. Moreover, it can be found to be valuable to create notes of the lecture given by the qualified professors at the college or university or at other classes or tuitions. Having the audio slowly down helps the user to ensure that the words of the lecture are capture accurately and without any kind of distortion.

Therefore, using the best recording device can help the person to ensure staying on top of competition.

Digital video recorder proving to be of great use to students

This is the age of technology and people are surrounded by devices and gadgets of all types. The digital video recorder is considered to be among the most intriguing and interesting technology inventions. Also, it is an important object that does find great use for students, who are eager to diminish their workload and increase their overall efficiency and efforts in studying.


Offering the very best lecture capture solutions

The digital recorder makes it possible for the students to capture all the lectures of their professor and make sure that they do not miss out on any. The student can view the videos later on and also relive the precious moments, which can help them to get better grades during the examination.

Getting to understand the types

These days, manufacturers have come up with different types of digital recorders that are not only sleek and compact, but also can be used by the students easily and without having to carry too much weight. Also, the recorders are quite easy to be used. Browsing through the web is likely to help the person to know more about the recorders and its technical features. When trying to purchase digital recorders, it would be necessary for the person to make a well informed purchase, so as to avoid later disappointments. The other aspect that one has to check out is its functionality. The recorders have the lectures to be recorded in digitized form and have them stored on the SD memory, flash memory or disk. Hence, getting to understand them in details can solve the purpose of capturing the lectures.

The other important thing that one has to look into is the quality of sound that is captured by the recorder. It needs to be crystal clear and easily audible. The student should not miss out on any important lecture at any point of time. He should be in a position to record the voice of the professor even from a distance and capture each and every word of the lecture with great clarity. Also, he should play the lecture video recorder whenever desired at his home or at any other place.

Video recorders and its types

The very first digital recorder was introduced during the late 90s. The compatibility in the initial stage was not that easy to be adjusted. However, with time, quality of the same had improved manifolds. These days, it is possible to have the recorder to be fitted and play from the PC or the TV set.

The basic types that were introduced first were the hard disk based ones. With time, the digital recorder type had come a very long way and had the ability to perform different types of tasks and functions, simply with the push of the button. It is very much easy to be used, recorded and played back. The modern recorders are quite functional and well within the reach of the average students who can make the most from it to capture the important lectures.

How Recording Lectures Can Be Beneficial for Your Learning?

Every one of us has faced it. While sitting in a classroom, we find ourselves stuck somewhere in the middle of taking notes and simultaneously trying to understand the point of view of the professor. It becomes more difficult for the students who are not fluent enough in English to catch everything at once.

If you are concerned about your college lectures and want to get the best out of it- there are recording devices for lectures available in the market. You can buy one from any online or offline place and start writing your notes after your class.


However, there are some pros of this kind of study method.

  1. No Distractions: Every time you start writing during a class lecture on your laptop, you end up on some social media site or start reading some article about some celebrity. Well, this is obviously irrelevant to what you are learning in the class. Turning off your laptop helps your head to stay focused on the board, on what the professor is trying to convey.
  2. Focus on the facts rather than the number of bullet points: The pressure of getting down as much of what the professor is saying kills your focus. You do not pay attention to the details and that costs you at the end of the session. When it comes to revising everything before the exams, those notes do not really help you much because most of the facts are scattered not just in your notes, but also in your head. Not writing during classes helps you to focus on the facts, which creates a strong image of the topic in your brain.
  3. Some lectures are worth recording: Once in a while, you come across some brilliant teachers during your academic career who become real Gurus in your educational life. These teachers explain everything so brilliantly that their lectures worth recording. In these cases, recording class lectures would be the brightest idea. Not only will it allow you to get some useful study material for the final exams, but also to keep all the great examples handy every time.
  4. Get a comfortable classroom environment: There are chances that you stop focusing on what the professor is saying because you are writing everything. You might start thinking that you don’t have to pay attention in class as notes are going to be there to help you. This sense of ease proves to be harmful in a long run. Recording is the way of storing that particular class forever, which is great. Right????

However, many schools and colleges follow strict policies regarding recording a lecture. Hence, it is always beneficial to receive permission from the faculty and classmates before pressing that button. But there is one thing I can assure you about that recording lectures will improve your learning abilities. As you will get your alternate lecture hall ready, you can anytime rewind it and listen to the part you missed.

So, go for it. However, consulting your professor would be the best idea to come up with the appropriate decision.

To record or not to record, that is the question

Students who have to attend classes on a regular basis are often faced with a problem when it comes to taking down notes, especially when there are back to back lectures. At the end of the day it becomes often very tiresome to note down during the in going lectures. And when it comes to the lecture of a professor who goes really fast with his/her approach, then the problem intensifies.


However, this problem can be solved rather easily with the help of voice recording devices for lectures. But the matter is not as simple as that. There are various advantages to the use of recording devices no doubt but there are a few disadvantages as well. What you need to do is basically weigh both the pros and cons and then take a decision accordingly.

First, let us take a look at the advantages that we get when using lecture recording devices:

  1. The main question that most students have to grapple with is whether they should pay more attention to the lecture or to the act of taking it down on their copy. This is a problem that can be solved with the help of recording devices. Once you have set the recorder, you can actually sit back and pay more attention to the lecture itself and not bothering to take it down on your copy.
  2. Each and every student has their own style of taking notes. It is but natural that we might not find somebody else’s style conducive to our understanding. Suppose due to unavoidable circumstances, you end up missing a lecture. Then what? You cannot always depend on somebody else’s class notes, right? So, in such cases a voice recorder comes really in handy.
  3. A digital recorder for lectures comes really in handy in case of a professor’s lecture who is difficult for you to follow. You can keep the lectures recorded so that you can listen to them peacefully back at home. These also make excellent revision tools.

Now, let us take a look at some of the disadvantages that you might encounter when it comes to recording lectures:

  1. Many students have over the years complained that the use of voice recorders not only distracts the professor and the other students, but it also distracts the one who is using it as well! One has to constantly worry whether the device is working or not and hence the attention automatically shifts from the lecture.
  2. Recording devices are also known to discourage participation in the lectures. Once one knows that the lecture is being recorded, one tends to become more relaxed and hence just might end up taking less interest in the lecture.
  3. The most important thing that one might find difficult to get is the professor or the lecturer’s permission to record. One has to be aware of the university or college regulations before recording lectures in order avoid legal problems.

But, in spite of all the disadvantages, the advantages trump them since the use of voice recorder can prove to be an extremely helpful tool for those who are really interested deriving the best from all lectures!

The benefits of a lecture capture

Lecture capture is a technology used by teachers to record their lectures during a classroom session. These captures are then provided to the students in a digital way. Various software, hardware and technical devices are used to record the lecture in high quality and then present it to the students.

Different qualities of recording devices for lectures are used to capture the class. A lecture capture may be a video, or an audio recording. Though the lecture capture is used to help the students in understanding the concepts better, they are not intended to replace the actual lectures.


What are the benefits of lecture capture?

  • It is the best way to teach the students who have missed classes due to various reasons such as illness, sports or other issues.
  • It is also the best way to review the content and revise better for the approaching exams.
  • It is also a good mode to learn complex topics which need multiple revisions.
  • It can also be the material for online content development for learning websites.
  • There will be greater convenience in learning from these captures.
  • There is a better chance for accessing academic content from any place and at any time.
  • If the students are in another country, they can access the lectures easily through online.
  • These captures are a boon to part time students and distance education students.
  • The students can concentrate on the class instead of writing down the notes.
  • In case a lecturer wants to bring in guest lecturers from a different place or any inputs, lecture captures are the best way to add these inclusions.

How is a lecture captured?

Devices such as camera and a microphone are used to record the lectures. Later these lectures are made available online so that all students can gain access. Various hardware and software are used to increase the clarity of the lectures.

Are there any disadvantages?

Only few cons are found in the system. The students might take the lectures for granted as they are getting access to a copy of the entire session. They might lose interest in a class. Chances of skipping the classes are also there. Other issues include who owns the recordings and until what duration must it be made available and so on.

Are there legal requirements?

Recording class lectures is not an easy task. Before a lecture is captured, the institution must agree with this completely. The lecturer involved must also sign a no objection letter. The students and other people who participate in the lecture and are visible or heard in the session must also agree with the recording. Only then must a lecture capture be published.

The lecture captures provide remarkable convenience for both the lecturers and students. It offers flexibility in learning even the toughest courses of any level. Thus, lecture captures have become the new trend in the educational institutions whether people like it or not. It is the best way to expand an institution across the world and open several branches all over the globe to become famous.

Wowza to demonstrate the new requirements for the next generation of media delivery

Company to Unveil New Products that Complete End-to-End Wowza Workflows

Golden, Colo. – Aug. 29, 2016 – Wowza Media Systems, the recognized gold standard of video and audio streaming, will be showcasing a number of new products and advancements for streaming at the 2016 International Broadcasters Conference (IBC), in Amsterdam, from September 8-13. Wowza will debut the new end-to-end technologies, which will help define the new generation of media delivery. From encoding to delivery, APIs, and media player options, the company will highlight new features and products designed for developers, live event producers and broadcasters to harness the power of streaming for any audience, anywhere, at any scale.

On Sept. 9, Wowza and NewTek will jointly unveil a new joint hardware product which completes new end-to-end Wowza workflows for many live streaming and VOD applications. In addition, Wowza will showcase a new software product designed to simplify the delivery of adaptive bitrate streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Throughout the expo, Wowza executives will provide live product and solution demonstrations of how Wowza software powers “TV Everywhere” for broadcasters – putting content into viewers’ hands anywhere on any device, at any scale. In addition to product announcements and demos, Wowza will discuss partnerships with Alibaba, Azure and others, and walk through a variety of new cloud deployments to create streaming applications.

In-booth demonstrations and presentations will be delivered by Wowza executives, including:

  • Dave Stubenvoll, CEO and Cofounder
  • Charlie Good, CTO and Cofounder
  • Mike Talenvensaari, VP of Product Management
  • Barry Owens, VP of Engineering
  • Scott Kelliker, VP and Chief Architect
  • Chris Knowlton, VP and Streaming Industry Evangelist
  • Carlos Perez, Chief Revenue Officer

Notable IBC demonstrations by Wowza include:

Friday, 9 September

11 A.M. – Live from IBC – Joint product unveil with NewTek
1 P.M. – “Creating Your Own Virtual Reality Workflow”
2 P.M. – Wowza New Product Unveiling

Saturday, 10 September

12 P.M. – Wowza Streaming Engine Version 4.6 Update
1 P.M. – What’s on the Horizon for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality?
2 P.M. – Wowza GoCoder SDK—Augmented Reality Screen Capture

Sunday, 11 September

11:00 A.M. – Live from IBC—Low-Latency Streaming

Monday, 12 September

3:00 P.M. – Uncovering Next-Gen Broadcast Requirements

The perfect live streaming equipment you need!

When events are streamed live, the excitement to watch it increases. Sports, award shows, big events and much more are, usually, played live on several TV channels. Streaming live can be quite a challenging work, but if you have the right equipment, you can never go wrong. You obviously have no space to edit content which is why you need a solid base to start with. Having the right kind of device can do wonders for your live streaming videos. If you prefer streaming live events HD more than recording and playing them later, then you need to know about a top notch appliance!

The Matrox Monarch HDX is exclusively designed for broadcasting and streaming plus recording videos. Do you want to explore the features of this equipment?


Here are some of the features of the Matrox Monarch HDX: –

This flexible solution is in demand because of it offers HDMI inputs and 3G-SDI with additional frame synchronization. It also has two independent encoders which help in the multi-tasking.

A single device does the work of two encoders. You can live stream events from two different places and record it at the same time. It provides master quality videos with sound at the same time. With the help of its quick functioning, you can quickly edit post the event.

The high quality and powerful engine shares 30 Mb/s capacity through both the channels. You can get pristine images and crisp sound with the help of the incredible encoding engine in this device.

The dual encoders in the Matrox Monarch HDX can simultaneously record and live stream any event. Both the files will be saved in high quality formats with fantastic sound quality. You can download the Monarch command system in your phone, laptop and computer to control this device easily.

The easy to operate system in this device makes it flexible to travel with and use. If your phone supports the application, then you can operate the entire device with your mobile phone. You can immediately click on a button and start streaming the video while recording it too. You can stop streaming live events HD by just pressing a button on your phone. So easy, right?

Users are allowed to stream or record a file of 300 minutes in one go. You cannot exceed this maximum limit, but you can always stream in sections to extend it. In a single frame, you can only go from 1 minute to 300 minutes.

If you do not constantly live stream, then you can opt for the other version of the device, which is the Matrox Monarch HD. This is a small and yet again easy to operate device, which can help you in streaming and recording videos. It is also used for recording high quality content.

You can pick the former or the latter device but in both cases, you will be hitting jackpot! They are incredibly helpful and marvellous appliances.