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Top Three Broadcasting Trends from NAB 2016

After two days at the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, a few common themes came to light. To explain what they are and how they impact the industry, Ryan Jespersen from Wowza interviewed Charlie Good, Wowza CTO and cofounder. Though the first trend may not be a surprise (virtual reality), the other two might not be what you expect. Continue reading

Revolutionising entertainment in a healthy way

How many times have we been attacked by pangs of nostalgia, and we end up watching those TV shows or movies that remind us of our childhood days, or which remind us of special moments or make us closer to our home? Technology has improved so much that we can easily find videos of episodes or movies that people have painstakingly uploaded on the internet so that others too can enjoy them, even after decades have passed. Continue reading

Improving live video streaming!

Communicating in an effective manner is important in all fields today. It is impossible for a professional or a skilled labourer to work in total isolation, without relying on someone for assistance, guidance or supervision. Even a doctor at times requires emergency lessons from his mentor or from an expert living in another part of the world. Continue reading

Use Remarkable Technology for Reaching the Masses in Cost-Effective Ways

With great exposure and expansions, many of the businesses of different sizes are facing the impact of webcasting through key events, meetings, and conveying messages. This is what technology can create to make the business reach its unexpected goals and possibilities for future prospects. There are many ways in which the live video streaming and on-demand videos are helpful in several ways- Continue reading

The Era of Technology Reaching the Healthcare Industry Beyond Imagination

The use of videos has become a great source of marketing in today’s digital marketing world. It is with the help of videos that maximum audience is reached in minimal time to make them aware about the products and services. Every industry is making full use of videos for easing their marketing capabilities. Continue reading

Corporate Video Conferencing- How It Benefits Your Company?

While one starts a company, there are so many costs and expenditures associated with it. Well, it is justified too, because without any input, how you can have the output. But, at the professional front, if the company wants, then it can cut down the cost bit and improve the efficiency. Well, how, let us see it. Continue reading