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How Recording Lectures Can Be Beneficial for Your Learning?

Every one of us has faced it. While sitting in a classroom, we find ourselves stuck somewhere in the middle of taking notes and simultaneously trying to understand the point of view of the professor. It becomes more difficult for the students who are not fluent enough in English to catch everything at once.

If you are concerned about your college lectures and want to get the best out of it- there are recording devices for lectures available in the market. You can buy one from any online or offline place and start writing your notes after your class.


However, there are some pros of this kind of study method.

  1. No Distractions: Every time you start writing during a class lecture on your laptop, you end up on some social media site or start reading some article about some celebrity. Well, this is obviously irrelevant to what you are learning in the class. Turning off your laptop helps your head to stay focused on the board, on what the professor is trying to convey.
  2. Focus on the facts rather than the number of bullet points: The pressure of getting down as much of what the professor is saying kills your focus. You do not pay attention to the details and that costs you at the end of the session. When it comes to revising everything before the exams, those notes do not really help you much because most of the facts are scattered not just in your notes, but also in your head. Not writing during classes helps you to focus on the facts, which creates a strong image of the topic in your brain.
  3. Some lectures are worth recording: Once in a while, you come across some brilliant teachers during your academic career who become real Gurus in your educational life. These teachers explain everything so brilliantly that their lectures worth recording. In these cases, recording class lectures would be the brightest idea. Not only will it allow you to get some useful study material for the final exams, but also to keep all the great examples handy every time.
  4. Get a comfortable classroom environment: There are chances that you stop focusing on what the professor is saying because you are writing everything. You might start thinking that you don’t have to pay attention in class as notes are going to be there to help you. This sense of ease proves to be harmful in a long run. Recording is the way of storing that particular class forever, which is great. Right????

However, many schools and colleges follow strict policies regarding recording a lecture. Hence, it is always beneficial to receive permission from the faculty and classmates before pressing that button. But there is one thing I can assure you about that recording lectures will improve your learning abilities. As you will get your alternate lecture hall ready, you can anytime rewind it and listen to the part you missed.

So, go for it. However, consulting your professor would be the best idea to come up with the appropriate decision.

To record or not to record, that is the question

Students who have to attend classes on a regular basis are often faced with a problem when it comes to taking down notes, especially when there are back to back lectures. At the end of the day it becomes often very tiresome to note down during the in going lectures. And when it comes to the lecture of a professor who goes really fast with his/her approach, then the problem intensifies.


However, this problem can be solved rather easily with the help of voice recording devices for lectures. But the matter is not as simple as that. There are various advantages to the use of recording devices no doubt but there are a few disadvantages as well. What you need to do is basically weigh both the pros and cons and then take a decision accordingly.

First, let us take a look at the advantages that we get when using lecture recording devices:

  1. The main question that most students have to grapple with is whether they should pay more attention to the lecture or to the act of taking it down on their copy. This is a problem that can be solved with the help of recording devices. Once you have set the recorder, you can actually sit back and pay more attention to the lecture itself and not bothering to take it down on your copy.
  2. Each and every student has their own style of taking notes. It is but natural that we might not find somebody else’s style conducive to our understanding. Suppose due to unavoidable circumstances, you end up missing a lecture. Then what? You cannot always depend on somebody else’s class notes, right? So, in such cases a voice recorder comes really in handy.
  3. A digital recorder for lectures comes really in handy in case of a professor’s lecture who is difficult for you to follow. You can keep the lectures recorded so that you can listen to them peacefully back at home. These also make excellent revision tools.

Now, let us take a look at some of the disadvantages that you might encounter when it comes to recording lectures:

  1. Many students have over the years complained that the use of voice recorders not only distracts the professor and the other students, but it also distracts the one who is using it as well! One has to constantly worry whether the device is working or not and hence the attention automatically shifts from the lecture.
  2. Recording devices are also known to discourage participation in the lectures. Once one knows that the lecture is being recorded, one tends to become more relaxed and hence just might end up taking less interest in the lecture.
  3. The most important thing that one might find difficult to get is the professor or the lecturer’s permission to record. One has to be aware of the university or college regulations before recording lectures in order avoid legal problems.

But, in spite of all the disadvantages, the advantages trump them since the use of voice recorder can prove to be an extremely helpful tool for those who are really interested deriving the best from all lectures!

The benefits of a lecture capture

Lecture capture is a technology used by teachers to record their lectures during a classroom session. These captures are then provided to the students in a digital way. Various software, hardware and technical devices are used to record the lecture in high quality and then present it to the students.

Different qualities of recording devices for lectures are used to capture the class. A lecture capture may be a video, or an audio recording. Though the lecture capture is used to help the students in understanding the concepts better, they are not intended to replace the actual lectures.


What are the benefits of lecture capture?

  • It is the best way to teach the students who have missed classes due to various reasons such as illness, sports or other issues.
  • It is also the best way to review the content and revise better for the approaching exams.
  • It is also a good mode to learn complex topics which need multiple revisions.
  • It can also be the material for online content development for learning websites.
  • There will be greater convenience in learning from these captures.
  • There is a better chance for accessing academic content from any place and at any time.
  • If the students are in another country, they can access the lectures easily through online.
  • These captures are a boon to part time students and distance education students.
  • The students can concentrate on the class instead of writing down the notes.
  • In case a lecturer wants to bring in guest lecturers from a different place or any inputs, lecture captures are the best way to add these inclusions.

How is a lecture captured?

Devices such as camera and a microphone are used to record the lectures. Later these lectures are made available online so that all students can gain access. Various hardware and software are used to increase the clarity of the lectures.

Are there any disadvantages?

Only few cons are found in the system. The students might take the lectures for granted as they are getting access to a copy of the entire session. They might lose interest in a class. Chances of skipping the classes are also there. Other issues include who owns the recordings and until what duration must it be made available and so on.

Are there legal requirements?

Recording class lectures is not an easy task. Before a lecture is captured, the institution must agree with this completely. The lecturer involved must also sign a no objection letter. The students and other people who participate in the lecture and are visible or heard in the session must also agree with the recording. Only then must a lecture capture be published.

The lecture captures provide remarkable convenience for both the lecturers and students. It offers flexibility in learning even the toughest courses of any level. Thus, lecture captures have become the new trend in the educational institutions whether people like it or not. It is the best way to expand an institution across the world and open several branches all over the globe to become famous.

Wowza to demonstrate the new requirements for the next generation of media delivery

Company to Unveil New Products that Complete End-to-End Wowza Workflows

Golden, Colo. – Aug. 29, 2016 – Wowza Media Systems, the recognized gold standard of video and audio streaming, will be showcasing a number of new products and advancements for streaming at the 2016 International Broadcasters Conference (IBC), in Amsterdam, from September 8-13. Wowza will debut the new end-to-end technologies, which will help define the new generation of media delivery. From encoding to delivery, APIs, and media player options, the company will highlight new features and products designed for developers, live event producers and broadcasters to harness the power of streaming for any audience, anywhere, at any scale.

On Sept. 9, Wowza and NewTek will jointly unveil a new joint hardware product which completes new end-to-end Wowza workflows for many live streaming and VOD applications. In addition, Wowza will showcase a new software product designed to simplify the delivery of adaptive bitrate streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Throughout the expo, Wowza executives will provide live product and solution demonstrations of how Wowza software powers “TV Everywhere” for broadcasters – putting content into viewers’ hands anywhere on any device, at any scale. In addition to product announcements and demos, Wowza will discuss partnerships with Alibaba, Azure and others, and walk through a variety of new cloud deployments to create streaming applications.

In-booth demonstrations and presentations will be delivered by Wowza executives, including:

  • Dave Stubenvoll, CEO and Cofounder
  • Charlie Good, CTO and Cofounder
  • Mike Talenvensaari, VP of Product Management
  • Barry Owens, VP of Engineering
  • Scott Kelliker, VP and Chief Architect
  • Chris Knowlton, VP and Streaming Industry Evangelist
  • Carlos Perez, Chief Revenue Officer

Notable IBC demonstrations by Wowza include:

Friday, 9 September

11 A.M. – Live from IBC – Joint product unveil with NewTek
1 P.M. – “Creating Your Own Virtual Reality Workflow”
2 P.M. – Wowza New Product Unveiling

Saturday, 10 September

12 P.M. – Wowza Streaming Engine Version 4.6 Update
1 P.M. – What’s on the Horizon for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality?
2 P.M. – Wowza GoCoder SDK—Augmented Reality Screen Capture

Sunday, 11 September

11:00 A.M. – Live from IBC—Low-Latency Streaming

Monday, 12 September

3:00 P.M. – Uncovering Next-Gen Broadcast Requirements

The perfect live streaming equipment you need!

When events are streamed live, the excitement to watch it increases. Sports, award shows, big events and much more are, usually, played live on several TV channels. Streaming live can be quite a challenging work, but if you have the right equipment, you can never go wrong. You obviously have no space to edit content which is why you need a solid base to start with. Having the right kind of device can do wonders for your live streaming videos. If you prefer streaming live events HD more than recording and playing them later, then you need to know about a top notch appliance!

The Matrox Monarch HDX is exclusively designed for broadcasting and streaming plus recording videos. Do you want to explore the features of this equipment?


Here are some of the features of the Matrox Monarch HDX: –

This flexible solution is in demand because of it offers HDMI inputs and 3G-SDI with additional frame synchronization. It also has two independent encoders which help in the multi-tasking.

A single device does the work of two encoders. You can live stream events from two different places and record it at the same time. It provides master quality videos with sound at the same time. With the help of its quick functioning, you can quickly edit post the event.

The high quality and powerful engine shares 30 Mb/s capacity through both the channels. You can get pristine images and crisp sound with the help of the incredible encoding engine in this device.

The dual encoders in the Matrox Monarch HDX can simultaneously record and live stream any event. Both the files will be saved in high quality formats with fantastic sound quality. You can download the Monarch command system in your phone, laptop and computer to control this device easily.

The easy to operate system in this device makes it flexible to travel with and use. If your phone supports the application, then you can operate the entire device with your mobile phone. You can immediately click on a button and start streaming the video while recording it too. You can stop streaming live events HD by just pressing a button on your phone. So easy, right?

Users are allowed to stream or record a file of 300 minutes in one go. You cannot exceed this maximum limit, but you can always stream in sections to extend it. In a single frame, you can only go from 1 minute to 300 minutes.

If you do not constantly live stream, then you can opt for the other version of the device, which is the Matrox Monarch HD. This is a small and yet again easy to operate device, which can help you in streaming and recording videos. It is also used for recording high quality content.

You can pick the former or the latter device but in both cases, you will be hitting jackpot! They are incredibly helpful and marvellous appliances.

The advantages and disadvantages of lecture capture

Thanks to technology, recording lectures has become one of the most important elements of higher education. We see many institutions embracing this technology to cater to all types of students. Lecture capture consists of a recording device which captures the entire class session so that it can be used for review and revision. It is a very modern method and used by many famous schools and colleges to benefit the students. While the advantages of capturing a lecture are many, we may also face several technical challenges.



  • The lecture captures enhance the learning experience for students. They can go back and learn something from the beginning if they cannot grasp it for the first time.
  • As there is a provision to watch the captured lecture from anywhere at any time, the learners will have more control on their learning process.
  • The lecture captures are a brilliant idea for students in distance learning programs.
  • It is also helpful for part-time students who cannot make it to some of the classes as they are busy working.
  • Lecture capture is also helpful for the international students who do not reside at the place of the classroom.
  • Totally, lecture captures are a good idea for students who are physically not present in the class room.
  • If the students have any doubts during revision, they can always go back and access the content that they want.
  • If a student is ill and cannot attend the classes, he can still gain access to what all went on in the classroom.
  • The students and the professors feel that video capture of lectures adds value to the course that they are studying.
  • Also, because they have access to the lecture, the students will not keep themselves busy scribbling notes. They will instead interact with the class and the teachers.
  • The lecturers can watch these videos and assess their teaching style and ability. If at all any changes are necessary they can make them.
  • As the lecture videos are visual, they will be much more effective on the students who could not attend classes than the notes or verbal teaching from fellow classmates. The visual effect is long lasting and interesting to watch than reading a set of borrowed notes.


  • There is still some scepticism regarding the lecture capture in some institutions.
  • Some feel that the students may entirely depend on the captures and concentrate on the studies.
  • Some students might even skip classes as they know they can gain all the lessons through videos.
  • There is a fear of always being recorded, so the lecturers may end up being very cautious and may not give their hundred percent to the teaching.

As we see, there are more advantages of recording lectures than the disadvantages. Thus, it can be concluded if used effectively in a right way, lecture capture systems are indeed a boon to the education system.Both the institution and the students can gain a lot from the lecture captures done effectively. Just make sure you get a good recording device for quality recording.


Since traditional times, lecture times have not been really favorite of students. It is so because if they used to miss any important point, they had to suffer with their grades. But now with the digitalized era, the trends of approaching lectures have also got advanced and friendly. To meet the latest trends, colleges came up with the trend of lecture recording. Here, the lectures get recorded and conserved so that these can be accessed anytime, from any place, by any one irrespective of full time student or graduating through correspondence. Moreover, in the times of the emergency, if a student had to skip a class, he can access the lectures recorded.

With the lecture capture methods, studying and catching up the previously missed lectures get easy. It certainly is an interactive way of learning notes, which at times turn out to be so boring and monotonous. This is really a wonderful way of discussing the topics in class and forming an interactive ambiance. Similarly, with lecture recorder, even the authorities can keep an eye on the teaching ways of the lecturer. So, it is effective for both the learner and the authorities.

It is indeed an innovative way of matching up with the advanced era and may be all this is sounding so perfect to you but how can we forget that with technologies, comes technical issues as well?

recording lectures benefit

This is an energetic and dynamic method of recording the activities going in a classroom, but because of bite sized notes, requirement of memory etc., it sometimes gets irritating. Some other main issues faced are related to independent processing of camera and computer signals. Moreover, sometimes two files cannot be run at the same time. The capturing of lectures is a general recording, and so, the issues of skips and closing occur commonly. A main cause behind such loopholes can be wrong assortment of encoders.In the recording and capturing of lectures, the tools carry a lot of significance. But if one selects them in a wrong way, it can cancel the recording in-between or may stop impulsively.

But we should not forget that with every problem, there follows a solution. And for solving all these device related problems, a person can look for a fine and effective device on which he can rely. There are various devices which carry proper video and audio management system. Similarly, these multi-facet device possess easy working. They are handy and at the same time enhanced. The ease of use and their layouts are maintained in these highly featured devices so that everybody can use them in a convenient way. However, before you pick a device for capturing lectures, make sure it contains high video and audio quality.

To draw a conclusion, it can be said that with every new technology or advancement there comes problems but to every problem, there always is a solution. So, capturing and recording lectures is not only an innovative method of studying but also a fun loving one!

Recording lectures using the portable digital recorder


Gone are the days, when students were required to jot down every sentence of the lectures that were dictated by professors in their college. These days, what the student requires is a portable, high quality recorder for the purpose of recording live lectures. This helps them to save their energy and effort from having to write down volumes of dictation and lectures given by the professor, since the recorder is said to work perfectly and offer the best possible results.

Buying portable digital recorders

Nowadays, one can easily come across good quality, branded recorder for lecture classes that can be used by everyone. They can be found in compact models, ready to be used just about anywhere for the purpose of recording. Usually, the recorders come in various capabilities, storage capabilities, stereo recorder, etc.

The student can get hold of the best recording device for lectures within their budget and not have to spend a fortune on it. They can easily capture the lectures of their professors and play it back at home to jot down the finer points and prepare their studies accordingly. It can be stated that this personal and compact audio recording device can be considered to be a wonderful guide and friend of the students. It ensures that he / she can record instantly all the lectures that take place in the class and not a single word gets missed out, which can prove to be disastrous especially during examination time.

Use of digital recording devices

The digital recording devices that are being currently sold in the market are created from sophisticated, state of the art technology and not requiring any kind of set up or connections. The student can simply record the lectures with the click of a button, capture the necessary lectures and have it played at their leisure time or whenever and wherever desired.

The recorder also finds great use at various other places. Journalists, podcasters, broadcasters could make use of the portable devices for capturing interviews, thereby allowing the whole world to get to hear what the celebrities or politicians or others have to say with regards to a particular hot topic, without actually requiring to carry with them any elaborate setup.

Getting to know the major features of the digital recorders

  • 96kHz 24 bit recording
  • Superior quality in-built condenser microphone
  • Designed to be compact, lightweight and to be carried just about anywhere without the user having to take much efforts.
  • Records to SD or SDHC memory card
  • Comes along with display and inbuilt speakers
  • Recorded audio can be transferred easily to PC by the USB
  • Comes usually with editing software

Doing a thorough research of the different types and models of digital recording devices in the market and comparing their features and prices can help the student to make a well informed decision to buy one. The device can also be gifted by parents to their beloved children to help them with their study and to score much better in their exams.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Global Marketplace and AliLaunch Program for Technology Partners

SAP and SUSE among technology partners to join Alibaba Cloud marketplaces


Beijing, August 9, 2016 – Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, today unveils its Global Marketplace and AliLaunch program for technology partners. This new program allows international technology partners to enter China market through Alibaba Cloud’s initiatives.

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s leading cloud computing expertise, AliLaunch assists technology partners overcoming common obstacles that international companies have when expanding into China including scalability and technology compatibility. Through AliLaunch, these partners can leverage a variety of value added offerings such as joint ventures, marketplace partnerships and wholesaling to capitalize on this growing market.

“The introduction of AliLaunch demonstrates Alibaba Cloud’s ongoing commitment of building a global cloud computing ecosystem, which connects SaaS developers and business partners from different countries on a unified platform. The AliLaunch program and Global Technology Partners Marketplace serve as the perfect platforms for making different software products accessible to businesses and organizations in China. We are aiming to build AliLaunch as the TMall* of the cloud computing industry, with more technology partners added in the future,” said Mr. Sicheng YU, Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Global.

As the first step in creating the cloud computing TMall for the China market, the AliLaunch program can serve as an online “store” where enterprises in China will have access to different technology partners and can deploy software or services in a convenient and quick way through Alibaba Cloud. AliLaunch currently lists 11 technology partners from United States, Europe, Japan and Thailand, including SAP, SUSE and HERE. The technology partners cover a diversified mix of software products in different categories, including operating systems, network infrastructure, security, databases and streaming media. The market paves the way for technology partners like SAP to explore the China market further through its strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

The Global Technology Partners participating in Alibaba Cloud’s marketplaces include:

  • SAP – As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP HANA One, a cloud-based, in-memory data management solution will be available on Alibaba Cloud’s China marketplace.
  • SUSE – providing reliable, interoperable Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage solutions that give enterprises greater control and flexibility.
  • HERE – offering maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems. HERE helps people navigate their lives with ease and confidence.
  • Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) – offering business intelligence software Pentaho, that brings together diverse data types to help companies better use data through open source technology.
  • Check Point – providing customers with industry-leading solutions and a complete security architecture, protecting them from cyberattacks with an unmatched catch rate of malware and other types of threats.
  • AppScale – an open source application platform allowing developers the freedom to run Google App Engine applications in any public or private cloud, bringing applications where the business requires.
  • AppEx Networks – providing SD-WAN services, enterprise-grade connectivity and VPN, allowing companies to inter-connect their headquarters, branches, and data centers; and expedite the data transport and access to public clouds and SaaS applications worldwide.
  • Haivision – providing media management and video streaming solutions for world’s leading organizations to communicate, collaborate and educate.
  • Hillstone Networks – offering a broad range of security solutions for enterprises and data center networks – whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud.
  • Wowza Media Systems – enables organizations to harness the power of high-quality live and on-demand audio and video streaming by reducing the complexities of delivery to any device.
  • TrueIDC – data center and cloud provider in Thailand, offering a full range of data center and cloud services.

*As China’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers, Tmall is Alibaba Group’s B2C platform dedicated to providing a premium shopping experience for Chinese consumers in search of top-quality branded merchandise.

About Alibaba Cloud

Established in September 2009, Alibaba Cloud (, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm, develops highly scalable platforms for cloud computing and data management. It provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to support participants of Alibaba Group’s online and mobile commerce ecosystem, including sellers and other third-party customers and businesses. Alibaba Cloud is a business within Alibaba Group.

Find Out How To Enjoy Boring And Tedious Classroom Lectures

The technological advancements have been making human life simple, easier to manage and much more reliable. Sitting in the classrooms and listening to the lecture is sometime boring, lengthy and tedious to understand. Sometimes the situations can be worst, when in spite of the best efforts to understand the lecture, which is form of broken sentences, meaningless words and phrases that may sound out of world.

Using the technology for the sake of recording the lectures is one of the best ways for students to improve the understanding of the subject. The longer and monotonous lectures of the classroom recorded on the recording device and listened again while relaxing in the study room at home sound much better.


Most of the colleges have agreed to make use of recorder for lecture classes to get the lectures recorded as a part of priority and development in the area of understanding of the student. But still it is for students to take the permissions of the lecturers and professors before recording the lecture.

The technologically advanced recording devices with many different features are available in market today. Most of these devices are handy to use and can be easily managed without much complexity.

Features of recorder

The main features of the specialized recording devices that we should consider before planning to buy it are discussed below:

  • Capacity of the recorder:
  • The capacity of the recorder is important feature because more the capacity it has, more it is possible to record the entire lecture in the classrooms. The most of the recording devices are digital, having battery which needed to be full before starting the device. Some of the devices can have the facility of using tapes. One should make sure an empty tape is being used while recording. But most of the digital recording devices have longer and sufficient battery, which lasts longer. It has the soft touch keypad, which helps in controlling the recording process with on, off, pause, rewind, forward buttons.

  • Sensitivity of recorder:
  • The sensitivity is needed to be of superior quality. If the recording is done from mobiles, laptops or from recording devices, the quality of recording depends more on how sensitive are the devices used. Along with voice clarity, modulations, tone and the entire speech should have higher clarity. Sometimes higher sensitive devices need to be handled properly because it starts recording every sound produced around it. The recording devices are handy and can be held properly on placed on the desk without any disturbance for the best results.

  • Mute the background recording:
  • Most of the digital recorder for lectures has number of advanced features, which make recording easy, and of higher quality. The useful feature to cancel the background noises and the peripheral voices when the process of recording is on is very effective. It helps in maintaining the clarity of the voice, which is being recorded. These options are handy and can be easily operated while managing the device in hands.

    The recording devices have are well supported by the advanced technology and the assured software application. The long and durable battery, high volume speakers and the secured locking system make the recording device safe, convenient, and handy to carry.